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Hi Guys, this site and all it's subsites are the general rantings, brain dumps, and resources / services I have put together in order to help me make life that little bit easier.

Everything that falls under the domain cCoder.co.uk is mine, put together solely to serve my needs.

If something isn't isn't right or doesn't work it's probably because i'm still building it or doing something wacky behind the scenes with it.

Those of you out there with some programming knowledge will know how we do things, it's the classic method of grabbing a lump of code from some blog or git repo and sticking it to another blog or git repo code block then hoping it all comes together (which usually isn't the case).

For the non-technical out there, don't panic, give me a shout on the contact link above if you get stuck i'm usually on hand to perform some sort of magic trick and throw a pixie at it or 2 then do a raindance or something to make stuff kinda sorta ish maybe do something near what it is you are asking.

Looking for something specific or want help on a programming project?
Let me know i'm only too happy to help, the contact link is all the way up there ... see it? yes that's the one!